emotions in public speaking

Go Deep: How to Show and Manage Your Emotions in Public Speaking

Emotion. Besides breath, emotion is one of the most underrated attributes of our oratorical treasure chests. Dig deep and you will find it can unlock the most unengaged of audiences. But what happens when you get really emotional while telling a personal story? Let me preface this by saying emotion is anything that makes you […]

In your next presentation, seek the question

A while back a friend was invited to speak to the Board of Trustees at his institution. We discussed that while he knew the topic well, he didn’t know the exact question he was answering. “Does there need to be a question?” he asked me. You decide which pathway would bring him to a more […]

Convert the conversation into a presentation

Every conversation we have is with ourselves.  And on occasion it involves someone else. Every time I repeat this quote in a public speaking class or executive presentation training, I get a good chuckle out of my audience.  It’s the nervous kind, that says, “uh, you are probably talking about me.” What can you do […]

ted-inspired-talks for research

Ohio State Puts Culture of Innovation in the Spotlight with TED-inspired Event

The Ohio State Research & Innovation Showcase was part of the OSU Innovator of the Year Awards Event. While the event has been held previously, it’s the first time the nominees each presented a short TED-like talk. And Articulation was called in to help. Coaches Ruth Milligan and Acacia Duncan coached the speakers using our proven Transforming Talks process.

How to Coach Someone from Eating at the Filler Word Buffet

For over a year or more as I walked the halls at a large executive speaking coach client organization, I’d been told about an executive with the UM, AH and LIKE problem. YOU KNOW, those filler words people use when speaking, and in public speaking in particular. They were correct but not complete. After a […]