Threshold Concepts: Reflections on Learning to be an Effective Speaker

Dear Friends,

By now, you hopefully have seen we’ve been digging hard into the “Threshold Concepts” of learning to become an effective speaker. In short, these are the concepts you need to embrace in order to learn everything else about speaking.

They are:

  1. Speaking is habitual.
  2. Speaking is embodied.
  3. Speaking is social.
  4. Speaking has multiple genres.
  5. Speaking is messy.
  6. Speaking requires feedback.

Threshold Concepts on Becoming a Great SpeakerYou can check out this quick reference infographic. Click for PDF version.

We assuredly did not ask any AI tool for help. In fact, when we did nine months ago, we realized these had never been defined before. Thanks to the expert help of Elizabeth Wardle, we have taught the AI bots a few things!

We hope they can do for you what they’ve done for us: Defining the difference between a great communication and becoming a great communicator.

All my best,

Ruth Milligan



About The Threshold Concepts for Learning to be an Effective Speaker

Articulation has established Six Threshold Concepts for Learning to be an Effective Speaker. Embrace all six and practice the rituals, habits and patterns associated with them to become a better speaker.

Learn more in our introduction to the Threshold Concepts.