Our team can take you well beyond just improving your presentation and public speaking skills. When you work with us, you work with the storytelling authority — a team of specialists dedicated to helping our clients tell better stories. We can help you integrate the latest storytelling techniques into your live communications, interactions with the media, your leadership team, shareholders, and trade show conference attendees. Come work with us and start telling stories with impact.

Ruth Milligan

Founder, Managing Partner & Executive Coach

As an executive speech coach and trainer, I live at the intersection where professionals from science, research, medicine, and data and analytics come to make their messages more engaging, compelling, and impactful. Helping leaders from these diverse fields meet their goals marks the culmination of my nearly 30 years practicing some form of communications.

I founded Articulation in early 2010 after hosting one of the first TEDx events — TEDxColumbus — which is also one of the longest-running TEDx programs in the world. Since then my team and I have coached over 750 people in TEDx or TED-style talks and trained thousands through my company’s classes on message method, storytelling, public speaking, executive presence and accessing science.

My professional passion is to help organizations of all sizes create storytelling cultures that elevate the opportunities for associates and executives to practice and deliver great presentations. I believe that a great talk can come from a nervous, reluctant or beginning speaker, given the right feedback and development environment.

After ten years of curating, organizing and hosting TEDx events, I’ve also become a seasoned host, emcee and consultant to a wide range of events — everything from major donor events at universities to pitch events inside data and analytics teams. When my team and I are engaged to help with speakers, we also advocate for the best conditions that help make a speaker, and in turn, an event, successful.

I began my career as a speechwriter in politics after receiving a degree in Speech Communication from Miami University. I enjoyed a few years as a major gifts officer at United Way, learning how communication influences development and fundraising, but then returned to my roots to help launch a PR practice within a larger marketing agency. When that agency closed in 2001, I began my own marketing and communications practice, Milligan Communications, which I ran until 2009 before pivoting into a deep focus on training and coaching with my many clients at Articulation.

My current client list includes but is not limited to Ford, UnitedHealthCare, Nationwide, Alliance Data, Huntington, DSW, Chemical Abstracts, White Castle, Ohio State University, and several health care systems. I spend the majority of my time coaching executives one-on-one  and facilitating training for small groups.

I’m a passionate supporter of causes that elevate women and girls. For two years I served as  chapter chair for the Women President’s Organization Columbus Chapter and as a core team member of the Women in Analytics conference. Articulation’s philanthropy is devoted exclusively to helping women and girls elevate their voices and stories. I’ve also served on the board of the YWCA and the Girls Scouts of Central Ohio (Heartland). Closer to my own home, I’m personally involved in bringing a community pool back to my neighborhood of Clintonville, where I live with my husband and my two expectedly busy teenagers.

Email me here,
www.linkedin.com/ruthmilligan.com, or call me at 614-348-0760.


Born in Columbus, Ohio

Graduated from Miami University

Favorite Talks: Hard to choose among! But these are standouts:
TED Talks: Bryan Stevenson, Brene Brown, James Veitch
TEDxColumbus: Joe DeLoss, Casey Brown, James White, Theresa Flores
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Podcasts or Netflix: Podcasts
Cook or Carryout: Cook
Favorite Superhero: My dad
Real Book or Kindle: The holdable sort. I love the smell and touch and connectedness of real books!

Acacia Duncan

Director of coaching & training

Before becoming an ICF Certified coach and joining Articulation in 2016, I spent 14 years as a corporate coach and trainer in the retail sector. As a coach, I specialize in helping clients discover their authentic voice and unlocking the their confidence to achieve their goals. As a facilitator, I have created and led training and development courses for groups of up to 50. I work hard to keep sessions lively and curious, asking questions before answering them and creating an environment that fosters adult peer learning.

In addition to coaching and facilitation, I am a professional theatre director and actor. My years of experience — on and off stage — taught me how to bring out the creativity in anyone seeking to engage an audience.

I graduated from Miami University with degrees in Theatre Performance and Economics and studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and with the SITI Company. I live in Columbus with my husband.


Born in Lansing, Michigan

Graduated from Miami University

Favorite Talks: 
TED: Benjamin Zander: The Transformative Power of Classical Music
TEDxColumbus: Liv Gjestvang: On Giving a Baby Away

Cats or Dogs: Dogs 

Podcasts or Netflix: Podcasts while moving.  Netflix while sitting.

Cook or Carryout: Cook

Favorite Superhero: Captain Marvel

Real Book or Kindle: Real book.

Favorite Podcast: RadioLab

Eden Sulzer

Executive Speech Coach and Trainer

After 20 years in PR, communications and marketing roles in agency and corporate settings, I decided to shift gears and dedicate my career to coaching.  Using my expertise in personal brand and my a background in leadership communications, I work with my clients to tell their stories in an authentic, yet compelling way — building reputation and boosting credibility.

I spent more than a decade at Cardinal Health in marketing and communications roles. Recognizing the gender gap in pharmacy ownership, I founded Cardinal Health Women in Pharmacy, which grew from a grassroots initiative for pharmacy students to a nationally recognized program featured at the 2014 United Nations International Women’s Day forum. (Best day ever!)  I also led Cardinal’s internal communications team, providing counsel to senior leadership and driving companywide communication to 34,000 employees worldwide.

Before joining Cardinal Health, I was vice president at Dix & Eaton, a communications consultancy, where I specialized in CEO communication and employee engagement.

I started my career at NCR Corporation in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. I am accredited through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and was awarded the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Rising Star award. 

A graduate of the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, I am a certified Birkman® coach, and I completed The Gallup Organization’s Great Manager training program.  I live with my husband and two children in Columbus, Ohio, where I volunteer with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Association and will serve as an a Chapter Chair for the Women Presidents Organization.


Born in Dayton, Ohio

Graduated from Ohio University

Favorite talks: TED Talk by Sheryl Sandberg — Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Cats or Dogs: Dogs, especially fluffy ones (like my sheepadoodle)

Podcasts or Netflix: Netflix

Cook or Carryout: Carryout (unless someone is cooking for me)

Favorite Superhero: Wonder Woman as played by Linda Carter

Real Book or Kindle: Real book (I’m so old school)

Favorite musicians: Paul Simon, Maroon 5, John Mayer, and James Taylor

Helmut Berthold

Finance Coordinator, Project Manager

As a certified Project Management Professional, I have over 17 years of experience in the management of small to mid-size IT projects and more than 20 years’ experience in event management. My passion and dedication to continuous improvement and professional development made me a perfect fit for Articulation, whose growth called for my consultancy skill set and insight.

I completed a traditional apprenticeship program as an industrial salesman in Germany before earning my undergraduate and master’s degree in Business from the University of Baltimore. After graduating, I joined Catholic Relief Services as Assistant Treasurer, my first full-time position in the States. Eventually, my wife’s roots and family brought me to Columbus, Ohio, where I found work as an IT consultant for a startup company focused on tech services for small and in-home businesses. I was during my time there that my passion for helping small businesses began to blossom. In 2003, I was recruited to launch and manage the Central Ohio office for a printer service company. Then In 2017, I started my own consulting company, providing project management services to small to mid-size businesses.

In my spare time, I am an active rower, I play the occasional recreational ice hockey game, and I coach an adaptive rowing program.


Born in Wuerzburg, Germany

Graduated from University of Baltimore

Favorite Talks: Every TED and TEDxColumbus talk – learn something every time.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs 

Podcasts or Netflix: Netflix

Cook or Carryout: Carryout

Favorite Superhero: Gromit

Real Book or Kindle: Kindle

Favorite Podcast: RadioLab

Favorite Hockey Team: Blue Jackets
(felt the need to report this)

Kim Goldsmith

Client Services Director

I first joined Articulation as its Client Services Coordinator and first employee in 2015 before assuming my current role as Client Services Director. It’s a position my career and life experience prepared me for in spades.


After graduating from the Ohio State University in 1986 with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, I joined The Columbus Dispatch Marketing Department, where I worked for 11 years before resigning to raise my daughter and son. And while I resigned, I didn’t really leave but became a consultant organizing The Dispatch Spelling Bee and Scholar-Athlete Program. The Dispatch eventually cut funding for these programs, allowing me to I throw myself into my children’s school-related activities.


My children’s education and experience led me to become a passionate advocate of girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to ensure that all students have a positive educational experience.


My husband and I recently became empty nesters, with the exception of three very needy cats, and we are looking forward to seeing where our kids land in the next few years.


Born in Columbus, Ohio

Graduated from The Ohio State University

Favorite Talks: 
TED: James Veitch, Sir Ken Robinson, Carole Cadwalladr, Al Gore
TEDxColumbus: Amit Majmudar, Casey Brown, Ken Lee 

Cats or Dogs: Cats! But I like dogs too.

Podcasts or Netflix: Podcasts in the car.

Cook or Carryout: Hello Fresh.

Favorite Superhero: Captain Marvel

Real Book or Kindle: Kindle, it’s backlit

Favorite Podcast: RadioLab

Favorite Superhero: Elastigirl

The assumption is that ’this doesn’t look hard’ – until you have to do it yourself.
That’s when you realize this takes discipline and creativity.