Ruth Milligan talks about Articulation’s executive coaching offerings.

Put Storytelling to Work

For You and Your Organization

Every winning pitch, every successful presentation, every speech, address, or productive team meeting is first a story. One that demands a persuasive teller. And careful crafting.

We’ve helped clients craft winning stories for teams, C-Suite members, group directors, business leaders, and individuals. Once it’s crafted, we show them how to deliver their story persuasively — with the passion and presence it takes to “own the room.”

Spend some time here. Check out our offerings, team members and blogs (that will provide you with ideas, insights free for the taking), or better still contact us and tell us what you need – and when.

My leadership team is incredible at what they do. I wanted that to come across consistently when they presented to senior leadership. We brought in the team at Articulation to help them take their presentations skills to the next level. Articulation’s approach was tailored to the needs of my team, ensuring that the content was relevant and engaging. I’ve already seen a change in the way my team approaches their communications–they are crisp and on point with messages and able to navigate tough CEO questions. If you have a team of leaders like mine who deserve the best in skills refreshing and coaching, Articulation is that help you need.

Jeffrey Bulischeck, EVP & GM NalcoWater an Ecolab Company