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Talkback: The way you move

Note: This is the first in an ongoing series of reviews of live talks called Talkbacks that we’ll be posting on Some reviews will be full

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Fail Better, for sure!

This group of junior and high school students took over a big, open, colorful studio space filled with German-designed, state-of-the-art, learning-inspired furniture created within the

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10 for 20

Here’s my list of bad to beautiful public speaking moments for 2010: 10.  We’ll start with bad:  I’m still amazed that this guy made it onto national news

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When you find the pain

While executing a public speaking and presentation training for rising executive at a national manufacturer recently, we inadvertently found a deep breaking point. While she

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TEDxColumbus Saves the Cat

Two weeks ago we produced the second TEDxColumbus.  Huzzah!!!  A wonderfully moving and inspiring afternoon of 13 different short talks and performances over 5 hours.  I

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How was your summer?

In our Influential Storytelling class at, we apply critical thinking methodologies to help properly frame a story. So on our summer family vacation a week ago, I

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On Pausing.

A college professor commented that his students were giving him a wide range of feedback on his lectures. “Some students think I’m the second coming

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Unplug it

In today’s New York Times, an illuminating story about multi-tasking adorned the front page.  It’s disintegrating our ability to focus, the research argues (I would personally

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