Ruth Milligan: RedHawk50 Honoree

Unconventional Path to Success: How Our Founder Became a RedHawk50 Honoree

Two things can be true at once.

I can be a RedHawk50 honoree – given to 50 Miami University alumni founded or led businesses that had the highest growth the last three years. (Go Team Articulation!) This fabulous program was celebrated for the first time by the Miami University Farmer School of Business and John W. Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship.

I can also be a Miami University College of Arts and Science grad who never took a business class. Truth!

When my dismal high school record delivered me a denial to the business school, I shortly thereafter got my first A (ever?) in Communication 135 – introduction to public speaking.

Sometimes those types of experiences make for the best entrepreneurs. Not scared by risk. Plenty of fail-fast moments. Became  passionate about the thing I loved in 1987—and still do today:  helping people find their voice, story, and influence in verbal communications.


From being a speechwriter to a PR exec. To a marketing and crisis communications. To a TEDx license holder for nearly 12 years. Dare I say, I probably would not have had this idea without my CAS background. And certainly would not have been successful without lots of folks smarter than me with business backgrounds filling in all the holes created by focusing on my craft.

I tell my kids every day how lucky I am to have had a successful business for 22 years and the innumerable experiences it has afforded all of us.

Thanks to everyone for creating a spirit of community across all disciplines for this program. Miami is an even more special place for it.