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[Video] Start with Why

Don’t bog down your message. To present a compelling presentation, public speakers should start with “why” the audience should care, and simply get to the point.

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That’s all the time we have.

If audiences want short talks, why is it still so hard for speakers to oblige them? Here are three strategies we use when helping speakers to be more (much much more) concise.

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[Video] Watch the Clock

While we admire the endurance of marathon runners and other long-distance athletes, the same can’t be said for speakers and presenters. When it’s time to

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The Power of Breath

I am passionate about the power of breath. It not only makes for good public speaking, but it also helps a person feel grounded and confident in any area of life. Allow me to share a three quick tips to harness the power of your own breath.

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They Want the Teddy Bear, Not the Stuffing

Are you trying to sell the teddy bear… or the stuffing? See Ruth Milligan’s presentation to Columbus’ Web Analytics Wednesdays group to appreciate the relevant metaphor shared with her by an analytics client and her top list of components to assure a complicated, complex topic gets understood by their audience.

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[VIDEO] Short Words, Big Impact

Step away from the thesaurus. Forget the jargon, too. To engage your audience as a reputable speaker, be relatable instead. Small words can make a big impact in your presentation.

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The Idea Reigns Supreme

Once a year, we enjoy an exhausting, exhilarating, thought-provoking discussion to identify the speakers for TEDxColumbus. What the discussions demonstrates is the commitment to identifying ideas worth spreading.

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[Video] Take a Breath, or 10

As coaches, we’ve seen it a thousand times before. Speed talker syndrome. Sometimes it happens when a speaker is excited or just plain nervous. Other times it’s the guy who tries to fit 38 minutes of content into a 7-minute presentation. To increase your credibility and make a better impression, slow it down. Take a breath, or 10.

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[Video] The Joke Will Be On You

Use too much humor in your speech? The joke will be on you. Watch the latest episode of Talk Like Someone’s Listening to learn how to engage your audience without losing credibility.

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