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Live from San Diego

Last weekend I assisted with prepping some of the speakers for TEDxSanDiego, a wonderful TEDx run by Jack Abbott, a longtime marketing executive in the area. 

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The Ruthies.

As the co-host and lead curator for TEDxColumbus, I’m supposed to act as an information waitress. I help select and then introduce the talks to people

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Let it go.

I just finished a six week assignment with a major health corporation in town, helping them to cascade their 10 year vision into a repeatable

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It takes both sides.

Yesterday morning I delivered a keynote address on influential storytelling to 80 executives at the company DSW, headquartered in Columbus.  They sell shoes and lots

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The Graduation Speech.

Last week I went to my first graduation ceremony since my own in 1990. Mine was filled with caps, gowns, traditional music, flags and honorary

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Get your story on

My favorite quote from the TED Conference this year was from the (now former) head of DARPA, the defense agency that plans our strategic responses on surprise

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