Metaphors for Storytelling Success

Executive communication coach Ruth Milligan is back with more quick public speaking tips. In this video, she provides some reasons why metaphors are beneficial to storytelling. They help us make a greater impact on our audience, and provide a bridge so we can convey a thought or information in a more influential and engaging way.

In addition, Ruth shares her own metaphor for articulation.

Watch it here:

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Ruth Milligan Articulation Executive Communication CoachRuth Milligan is the Founder, Managing Director and an Executive Coach and Trainer with Articulation. She is perhaps best known as one of the original curators for any TEDx event (the license program for TED). Since 2009, Ruth has selected and coached over 200 speakers who have taken the TEDxColumbus stage. She is often tapped as an expert in the TED-style of speaking and has authored a class on how to be a TEDx speaker coach. Connect with Ruth.