Conquering Columbus Podcast with Ruth Milligan

Our Founder Ruth Milligan was born and raised right here in Columbus. And for nearly three decades, she’s been at the heart of our community. Connecting people, serving others through roles in government and non-profits, growing a successful business and founding TEDxColumbus.

Recently, Ruth sat down with the hosts of the popular podcast Conquering Columbus to share what she’s learned and experienced as an entrepreneur and community leader. Tune in, and you’ll hear about:

  • Ruth’s background and upbringing
  • Life post-college
  • The skills Ruth developed early in her career that allowed her become a solopreneur
  • The birth of TEDxColumbus
  • Starting something new and from scratch
  • The challenges in the early days of Articulation
  • The benefit (and necessity) of knowing yourself at a deep level
  • How Ruth’s role has evolved since creating Articulation in 2009
  • The importance of diversity
  • Ruth’s goals for the foreseeable future
  • What Ruth’s learned from her tenure with TEDxColumbus
  • The four components of storytelling
  • Finding your place in the world
  • How to live uncomfortably

You can listen here:

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