Get your story on

My favorite quote from the TED Conference this year was from the (now former) head of DARPA, the defense agency that plans our strategic responses on surprise attacks, Regina Dugan. She said: “If you want to learn to fly, you have to FLY.”

It seemed so simple. But for an agency that fails all the time in its experiments, it meant so much.

I used the quote this week as I prepared to conduct a webinar on using stories in virutal relationships: if you want to build the relationship, you have to share stories. Nothing else achieves the same result. Simple, but hard.

So my tip for the month is: if you want your stories to be impactful, start telling stories.

Storytelling Workshop: Special Session

So maybe you are wondering how do I tell those impactful stories? We’ve opened up a one day workshop on Influential Storytelling on April 19 from 9am – 3pm (in Columbus) to help. It’s a small group and we’re almost at capacity, so click here if you’d like to join us. We normally only do these workshops inside corporations – we are excited to be able to offer this session for anyone that wants to attend.

A little more TEDx – related news:

– Next week on April 5, we are hosting TEDxChange, a 90 minute program being broadcast from Berlin, featuring Melinda Gates and other speakers on crticial worldwide issues. Registration is free, an optional lunch can be ordered. Click here.

– We have opened nominations for the fall TEDxColumbus event on October 5 @ COSI, click here to read our blog for details. This year’s theme is “The Future Revealed.”

– We have started a new initative called Readers’ Roundtable. Inspired by their respective TEDxColumbus talk, each session will be lead by a former TEDxColumbus speaker who chooses a book and facilities discussion. Learn more and register for an event.

– Lastly, we encourage you to watch Bryan Stevenson’s talk. His talk was among the most favored at TED this year,

and with good reasons. Beyond his compelling argument, just listen to his stories.

A Closing Memorial

I will close with a little honor to my big and very special dad who passed away unexpectedly but very peacefully on March 3. For those of you that know me know what an inspiration and influence he was on my life, especially as a great orator and storyteller. I was honored to give a eulogy at his funeral, my greatest challenge I’ve ever experienced as a public speaker. Good news is that he left a litany of rich stories for me to share. May he rest in peace.