Remembrances of the life of William W. Milligan

On March 8, 2012 I was privileged to give the hardest talk of my life – a eulogy for my father.   This is an audio capture of the church service of the four remembrances with a slide show of images of him throughout his life.  He died on March 3, a few hours after I got home from TEDActive 2012 in California, in his sleep peacefully after a full 88 years of living a remarkable life.  I was inspired by his dense oratorial style where every word counted, his love of research to support every hypotheses or idea, and his unforgettable and memorable stories.

I share this to inspire others to share stories of their loved ones. I felt strength in being able to bring together the multitude of people that knew dad over his nearly 9 decades through stories that connected his life for others, and others with his life.

In order:
Patrick H. Milligan, brother
Ruth Milligan, daughter
Lydia and Will Delphia, Grandchildren