11 things to look forward to in 2011

Last year when we launched ar.tic.u.la.tion in mid-summer, we had no idea that we’d get the overwhelming response that we did.  Between individual style coaching, signature story development advising and some unique teaching opportunities, we feel very lucky.  But we know we need to work hard for that luck, so here are the top 11 things we’re focused on for 2011…(at least that we know of on this new year’s day!)

1. A vendor’s relationship with Nationwide, our hometown insurance conglomerate.  We’ve been approved to work inside with their executives on speaking and presentations.   This means if you work for Nationwide, you have a new source for presentation and public speaking coaching / training.  If you work for another company and want the same opportunity, let us know!

2. A trip to TEDActive.  This is the sister event to the ‘big’TED, the annual event that showcases the best in new innovating thinking, trending and creations, in February.   After two years of doing a wide variety of TEDx initiatives, I’m looking forward to being at a TED (okay, it’s not that hard seeing it’s in Palm Springs!)

3. Headed to the Experience Columbus (our visitor’s bureau) annual meeting in March?  We’ll have a major role in shaping the stories and presentations for what will be a very different, well, experience, for them and their audience of 1000.

4.  A teaching arrangement for some MBA workshops at the Fisher College of Business.  We’ll start in January after Innovation Director Mike Bills does his personal branding seminar, I’ll follow up with translating that brand into your own story.  You know, the answer you may struggle to find when you are asked during a job search process (or in that proverbial elevator), “What’s your story?”

5.  Exploring new workshops and collaborations with Wendy Hardman, my alter-ego of presentation design.  Watch for announcements early in the year.  In the meantime, check out her site if you’ve got an annual meeting coming up and have a talent deficit on your team for understanding everything about presentation slide design.

6.  Big ideas around TEDxColumbus.  Nancy Kramer and I are noodling hard on this one. No news yet, but we are debating very exciting opportunities around what has become a very successful showcase of amazing local talent and their ideas worth spreading.

7. Weekly blog posts (right here!) on ar.tic.u.la.tion.  We preach it, now it’s time for us to step up and live it.  Our editorial calendar is already packed for the first quarter!

8. Live talk critiques.  Once a month, we’ll attend a talk, speech or lecture and post our feedback on style, content, memorability, audience engagement, and more.  If you want to nominate a talk to be critiqued, just email me at ruth (at) articulationinc.com.

9.  A very personal one:  Exchange of services with Amy Marzluff, a health coach.  While I learn from her best integrative health techniques, she’s getting brushed up on her speaking skills.  While I learn to diversify our new Gluten Free life (due to a child being diagnosed with celiac last year), she’s reaching new bounds with her workshops and seminars.  I’m so excited about this partnership.

10. Monthly tip emails.  At last!   We didn’t quite get these off the ground this year, but already have the many tips already in line.  We promise they will be brief and informative!  We’ll include some of our favorite new reads and of course, TED talks.

11. Meeting YOUR needs.  Please let us know if you would like a workshop, brown bag idea lunch or our signature one-on-one ar.tic.u.la.tion coaching for you or your associates.   We have a variety of workshops, curricula and exercises ready to adapt to your specific situation.

And with that, Happy New Year.  May it be filled with plenty of time and thought to create your own spectacular public speaking moments.