Your talk is a tour, not a race.

“I guess I just want to get it over with. ” – Julie, an client.

When someone is either bored with their content, nervous to speak or unable to engage their audience, the focus isn’t always the message, it’s the finish line.

As a result, a mini-crisis happens when no one is happy with your talk. What to do?

We offer our top 3 suggestions for solving this problem:.

1.   Remember your audience knows when you are bored.  If you savor the speech, so will they. If you race through it, you’ll leave them behind and bored.

2.  Inject some new pauses or audience questions/exercises in the middle of your talk. Find a reason to get feedback from your audience (even if you are afraid to ask them for it!).

3.  (egads!) Start over. Take a step back. Lean into your content from a different angle and commit to using less slides, no slides or different stories. Your delivery will be freshened up immediately.