Proudly Promoting Acacia Duncan

Here at Articulation, we’ve been hard at work coaching clients on everything from transforming talks to hot seat speaker training. And we’ve had some exciting changes on our team. We’re pleased to announce that Acacia Duncan has taken on the role of Director of Training and Coaching. 

In her newly created position, Acacia will helm Articulation’s training and coaching programs and ensure alignment between Articulation coaches and clients so that we can continue to help leaders deliver messages with impact. She oversees services that include executive presentation style and delivery, influential storytelling, and keynote speaker coaching

If you’ve ever met Acacia, this promotion won’t surprise you. One of her superpowers is her ability to coach and train.

Two clients expressed it perfectly just last week:


“I feel a great sense of calm and preparedness.  I am so grateful for your ability to identify underlying issues inhibiting communication, offer constructive feedback while fostering greater self-awareness, and provide very tangible tools and adjustments.” 

“Acacia, yesterday’s session was grounding and empowering. I am so grateful for the experience, and I feel ready to take on future interviews!”

These quotes are some of the many reasons we value Acacia immensely. During her five years with us we’ve seen her grow– and she undoubtedly helped us grow. 

Acacia has created and led in person and virtual training and development courses for groups of up to 200. Whatever room she is in, be it physical or virtual, a room full of leaders of organizations, groups of doctors and scientists, or front-line managers with boots on the ground, she keeps things lively and curious. 

With Articulation, she has created day-long in-person courses and short workshops, transitioned content to virtual instructor-led experiences, and developed content for asynchronous learning platforms. Always comfortable on stage, Acacia has been an emcee for large scale events, keeping audiences of up to 850 attendees laughing and engaged for TEDxColumbus and StartUp Storytellers. 

In addition to coaching and facilitation, Acacia is a professional theatre director and actor. 

She graduated from Miami University with degrees in Theatre Performance and Economics and studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and with the SITI Company. Acacia lives in Columbus with her husband.

Whether you’re seeking to improve your public speaking and presentation skills, preparing for critical meetings, building confidence when addressing audiences, or elevating your team’s skills in these areas, Acacia and Articulation can help! Contact us to learn more.