Executive Presentation Style & Delivery

The success or failure of any executive comes from a complex mix of experience, education, persistence, passion and perseverance.  But without strong presentation style and delivery, leaders often lack the skill set so necessary to advance the vision and goals. This class will take you through the process of understanding your own presence — from the quality of your voice to the words you choose to how you look when delivering them. 

Executive Presentation Style & Delivery can reveal your known strengths and sometimes the difficult shortcomings you need to address. With proper feedback and practice from Articulation, you will be able to accelerate your influence and be better positioned to win the hearts and minds of your audiences.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of your vocal, verbal and non-verbal style.
  • Become more effective in any presentation situation — from small group to large conference settings — by elevating your personal style, delivery and audience engagement skills.

Class Length Options

  • Small group: 4-6 people — 3 hour or 6 hour in person
  • Smaller group provides instructor-led audio and video recording feedback; longer day provides more exercises and practicing developed skills 
  • Large Group: 7 - 30 people; 3 hour in person
  • Larger-group class features a blend of coaching and peer-to-peer audio and video recording feedback

Pairs Well With

  • Half-Day Executive Presence 
  • Half-Day Influential Storytelling