public speaking tips
Happy New Year! If you’re looking for top tips for public speaking and executive communications, this post is for you. we’ve rounded up our most popular articles from 2018.
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TED-style Talk Success: Leadership Matters
You could call it the TED talk effect. We have come to expect people to share complicated, technical, even scientific and medical concepts in an accessible way. One key area of change that organizations want is a culture that embodies communicating ideas in short, impactful talks. But, changing the culture and norms of an organization...
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Lessons from 10 Years of TEDxColumbus
As TEDxColumbus marks its 10th anniversary, let's memorialize the culture of support that TEDxColumbus has created for the speakers to deliver such consequential and memorable talks. 
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TEDx Columbus Curatorial Committee 2018
Once a year, we enjoy an exhausting, exhilarating, thought-provoking discussion to identify the speakers for TEDxColumbus. What the discussions demonstrates is the commitment to identifying ideas worth spreading.
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