Ruth Milligan

Our Influential Storytelling Class

  Last week we re-launched our Influential Storytelling class.  Like all good motors, it needed a tune up, and just in time too.  These 15 participants came together from 7 different organizations to get down to the business of “story.” One of the attendees in his evaluation said: “It is rare that one experiences something …

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The arc, or rather petals of a TED talk

Every car has four wheels, a radiator and glove compartment. It is not those things that make a car fancy, fast or memorable. But without those things it would not be a car. After attending my second TED conference and beginning to preparing our 5th TEDx event, I thought it was time to take a stab at my interpretation …

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TEDxKids@NBCC: Our Curriculum (help yourself!)

Using a word like curriculum sounds rather formal, as we really intend for this to be a guide to inspire and adapt for your own TEDx kids/youth situation. This is a six week model with the sixth “class” being the TEDxKids event itself. We recommend keeping your student logistics to a minimum. Don’t try to …

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