Hosting the Columbus Culture Roundtable for the Intelligent Communities Forum

The City of Columbus asked me to host a roundtable discussion on the city’s culture and how it informs us as an intelligent community for the Intelligent Communities Forum. We were giving the breakdown of culture by art, heritage and attitude and curated the conversation around it.

I was chosen due to my role of co-host and co-curator of TEDxColumbus, and I approached organizing the conversation similarly to the way I coach TEDx speakers. We posed three central questions and each person answered them with a distinct story from their specific domain (art, heritage or attitude).

It was a delight and privilege to get to work with Tom Katzenmeyer, President of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, Doug Kridler, President and CEO of The Columbus Foundation, Brian Ross, President of Experience Columbus, and Jeni Britton Bauer, Founder of Jeni’s on this discussion. The video of the session is below.