2016 in Full Gear.

With the new site officially live today,  I wanted to let my clients, friends, partners and colleagues know of exciting developments that I am making at Articulation in 2016 in order to best serve our clients. In the spirit of my message coaching, I’ll share three main points:

First, welcome Meagan Buren to our team.

A number of you have met Meagan at our training classes and around the TEDxColumbus events. She’ll be taking a more official role this year as my lead partner in coaching our TED-like events and  expanding our training offerings. She brings a remarkably complimentary background to mine in communications, having focused on how research can drive key messages and assuring that they are resonating with any target audience. I’m thrilled to have her enthusiastic engagement to help all of our speakers understand the mindset of their audience, define their message, and refine their delivery.

Second, I’m adding capabilities myself.

In January, I finally got certified in Birkman.  While everyone has their favorite assessment tool, this has become mine over the last few years. I have found it to be incredibly efficient and insightful in my coaching practice, quickly translating what each client’s interests and behaviors are against their needs and stressors, especially in consequential communication behaviors.

Third, count on more advanced faciliation skills from me.

I have become the new chapter chair for the Women President’s Organization – Columbus Chapter 2, a group of 20 CEO’s. As a component of this privilege, in February I was trained in the Ed Lowe method of peer-to-peer facilitation. I plan to put this training to good use for those clients  with facilitation needs inside your organizations.

Fourth, we’re running an operation now. Because it’s not just me anymore. (yeah!)

Last year I brought on Kim Goldsmith to coordinate all client engagements in order to free up the bulk of my time to work directly with clients and determine what the true capacity of Articulation could be.  It became more than experiment – it became a formula for my most productive year as a coach and consultant (and why we needed Meagan). As a result, we are finding the calendar now to be nearly full four to eight weeks out. We will always be able to schedule you in, however, I wanted to flag for you that it  may not be as “immediately” in the past. Thank you for understanding!

And lastly, enjoy our new website.

This is our first blog on our newly updated website. The site is broken into our three specific focus areas: Executive Communication Coaching, Group Training, and Curation of TED-like events.  We are always willing to chat about customizing an offering for you, too.

We’ve had an abundance of generous testimonials you can also find them on my LinkedIn profile.

That’s all you’ll hear about “us” this year. We look forward to helping you reach your communication goals again in 2016! With gratitude for your business and support.



P.S. Save the date for November 4th for our 8th Annual TEDxColumbus event,  If you haven’t seen our talks in recent  years, they are all archived here.