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Ruth's Tips

Talks not publicly posted: Articulation has additionally coached talks at the following institutions and corporations: UnitedHealthcare, Ford, EcoLab, NetJets, Designers Brands/DSW, Miami University and University of Virginia. 

Resource Toolbox

We go through lots of Magic Markers, Post-it Notes and handouts during our classes and coaching sessions. Aside from these basics, we rely on a set of readily available resources designed to be platform agnostic, intuitive and easy to work with. Take a moment to review the tools we’ll be using together.

Voice Memos

This voice recording app comes standard on all iPhones and is available for free for Android devices at the Google Play store. We use this app more than anything else to record practice sessions. We ask speakers to use it to share recorded versions of their talks. All files can be shared via text or email.

We use this tool to record all of our coaching calls. By using it, you’ll be able to listen to your call history and measure your progress over time.

This is our first choice for remote coaching sessions. If you’re used to working with Webex, that’s okay because we are, too. However, we find Zoom better suited to remote coaching and simplifying interaction online.

Power Point and Keynote

Speakers often use support slides in their presentations. But the slides — whether built in PowerPoint or Keynote — are less important than being able to record over them for practice, timing and sharing. That’s why we encourage clients to familiarize themselves with their preferred slide presentation software and its voice recording features. For more on recording with PowerPoint, visit Microsoft support. For Keynote recording help, go to Apple support. 

Undoubtedly, this is the Cadillac presenter on the market. But once you understand its capabilities to help with timing and spotlighting, you’ll want one too.

Our most valuable tool is our Mac to HDMI adapter. Regardless of which computer you use, you’ll need the right HDMI cable to connect to our projector. You’ll find the one right for your computer on Amazon.

At-Home Recording Equipment List

Equipment suggestions for at-home video recordings. Download it now.