[Video] Death by Bullet Point

More is NOT always better.

For years (and years, and years) one of the most common complaints about presentations has been bullet-ridden and text heavy slides. You’d think by now speakers would know to avoid this presentation faux pas. Yet we still see slides that rival War and Peace. The victims of this death by bullet point? Your audience.

So don’t bombard them with text-filled PowerPoint monstrosities. If you want your ideas to have impact, speak them. Your slides should complement your presentation, not be the focus of it.

“Death by Bullet Point” is the target of this episode of Talk Like Someone’s Listening. 

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About Talk Like Someone’s Listening

Public speakers tend to make the same mistakes over and over. We decided to have a little fun with them. “Death by Bullet Point” is the seventh video in Articulation’s “Talk Like Someone’s Listening” video series. Watch for more in this comedic series soon.

Co-Produced by Brant Jones and Articulation /Milligan Communications LLC

Directed and Written by Joel Levinson