[Video] Translate Your Science

In the last few years we’ve delightedly become pretty adept in helping scientists (data to medical) and researchers (you name it) understand how to translate their insights to lay audiences. We took the best of what we know from coaching hundreds of TED Style talks, paired it with our content framing and storytelling methods and continue to draw the best and most accessible knowledge out of experts.

This second video in our  Talk Like Someone’s Listening series… gently reminds all of our favorite experts that sometimes it takes careful effort to turn outward for others to access your insights.


In case you’d like more information, inquire about our 90 minute class entitled “making your science and research accessible.” It’s a perfect introduction to the steps needed to break down complex thinking into repeatable bites.

Because after all- isn’t having someone spread your message the ultimate goal? Ok funding is nice too, but it starts with the understanding and repeatability, indeed.

Did you miss our first Talk Like Someone’s Listening video? Watch Three Is the Magic Number now.

About Talk Like Someone’s Listening

Public speakers tend to make the same mistakes over and over. We decided to have a little fun with them. “Translate Your Science” is the second video in Articulation’s “Talk Like Someone’s Listening” video series. Watch for more in this comedic series soon.

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