#Public Speaking Training

What it takes to be successfull

One of my clients called me yesterday to share how her recent presentation went. We’d spent about 6 hours together reviewing, practicing, taping, testing, editing and more. It was a 45 minute talk to a consequential group in her industry. She couldn’t retain her excitement. “So I started with that story we practiced – where …

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A presentation transformation: part 1

From fairy tales to extreme makeovers, who doesn’t love a good before-and-after story? HGTV has built an empire around ’em (with good reason) and TLC offers a veritable pantheon of makeover shows about babies, weddings and beauty. So Ruth and I thought it would be fun and, more importantly, helpful and enlightening, to feature a before-and-after story of …

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Unplug it

In today’s New York Times, an illuminating story about multi-tasking adorned the front page.  It’s disintegrating our ability to focus, the research argues (I would personally agree!).  And indeed, checking email, texting, facebooking, skyping, webinaring- whatever the task- must all be but aside for the careful work that is presentation preparation. I recently queried a PR …

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