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The journey to give a TEDx talk: A documentary.

After the first TEDxColumbus event in 2009 at the Wexner Center, I remember thinking the day after: why aren’t I doing more of “THIS?”  This being helping speakers architect their story and find their voice.  And deliver what I am now calling “The Talk of Your Life.”  It is what lead me to create ar.tic.u.la.tion […]

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Elevators rarely get stuck.

Great critical thinking, provocative storytelling, clear governing thought and memorable supporting points.  All in 60 seconds.  It can be done!! How so? Listen here (http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/412/million-dollar-idea?act=1) to a compelling story on the ultimate 60-second elevator pitch contest that aired on This American Life last Sunday. It may make you re-think your next pitch.  And email.  And voicemail.  And

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What it takes to be successfull

One of my clients called me yesterday to share how her recent presentation went. We’d spent about 6 hours together reviewing, practicing, taping, testing, editing and more. It was a 45 minute talk to a consequential group in her industry. She couldn’t retain her excitement. “So I started with that story we practiced – where

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