TED-Style Talks Commentary

Three times makes it a trend

They say once is an event, twice is a coincidence and three times is a trend. As we organize the third TEDxColumbus event, we’re definitely feeling the trend. Consider our first year when no one knew what TED  or TEDx was. I had to explain, clarify, demonstrate and explain some more. Last year, we had some awareness but still needed to …

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Stale corporate events, no more!

A year ago TED unveiled a new corporate program where “private” TEDx licenses could enable corporations to host their own internal TEDx events. The guidelines are similar to a regular TEDx event with two primary caveats- only employees can attend the live event and the videos cannot be posted to a public site. A few …

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Talkback: The way you move

Note: This is the first in an ongoing series of reviews of live talks called Talkbacks that we’ll be posting on ar.tic.u.la.tion. Some reviews will be full critiques while others will share inspirations from the viewing experience. Jim and Nancy Petro have risen to the top of the many lists in their lives. Jim was once Ohio’s Attorney General …

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