For someone who has gotten rid of regular TV in the last six months, syndication has new meaning to me: the ability to have your OWN story live on.

Take for instance the most discussed, heralded and watched talk last year from TEDxColumbus by Michael Wilkos.  It was a grand slam x 10.  Or 30, if you count the number of times he’s been invited to re-tell it.

And last week, as a result of that talk, the reporter who covered the event for Columbus Monthly, got this story published about Michael and his insatiable love for his adopted hometown.  She sent me an email and said the story most definitely was sparked from the TEDxColumbus event, and Michael’s note confirms the same.  I’ll give some clarity to their otherwise very generous accolades:

– Michael had an amazing story before TEDxColumbus.  He just got to tell it on a bigger more prominent stage with an audience open to new ideas and wanted to spread them.

– Michael’s passion for his topic is contagious.  It came through in his talk, just as it does in this story.  It is hard not to love his message (even if you aren’t from Columbus) and more importantly, his authenticity for it.

– He took this talk very seriously. The event forced him to refine, sculpt, practice, test and perfect it.  As a result, it resonated.  Over and over.

I love TED and TEDx for many reasons, the best of which is that it is locally becoming a credible, recognized publisher of great ideas, talks and speakers in a new media venue for the benefit of the great city I call home.  We at are blessed to have the opportunity to work with great speakers like Michael to help their talks become like your favorite sitcom, one that you’ll enjoy watching over and over, but real, authentic, meaningful and full of passion.  Clearly better than TV.