Do Tell Virtually Podcast Brant Jones How to Record Yourself at Home

Recording Yourself at Home

Featuring Brant Jones

This week on Do Tell Virtually we’re talking with Brant Jones about how to record yourself at home.

Any person who will be delivering a virtual talk, presentation, lecture, lesson or training will likely be asked to video record it for asynchronous (on demand) delivery. But what if you don’t have a video studio to use and have never recorded anything before?

Brant Jones, lifelong video editor, didn’t know he’d put his USC Film degree to work by sharing the dos and don’ts for producing a good video out of your home office, living room or yes, even kitchen.

Some highlights in this episode:

00:08 Chapter 1: Introduction

02:10 Chapter 2: Standards for getting a great recording

06:16 Chapter 3: Leveling up with sound and lighting

10:30 Chapter 4: Using Green Screens

13:52 Chapter 5: Using Box Lights

15:45 Chapter 6: Horizontal or vertical for recording

16:37 Chapter 7: Using slides with Zoom

18:27 Chapter 8 : Find your camera lens and using a teleprompter app

20:33 Chapter 9: The Wrap

Listen here:

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