Permission to Speak: A Book Reflection

Read Between the Lines with Articulation


At Articulation, we’re executive communication coaches who love to talk about speaking. Today, in celebration of World Book Day, we’re doing something different. It’s not quite a book club, and not a book review. Think of it more like a reflection. We’re referring to it as “Read Between the Lines.” The book we chose is Permission to Speak by Samara Bay.

We don’t know Samara, but we think she did an amazing job with this book. And we hope that our Articulation community will enjoy our discussion about it.

First, a little about Permission to Speak from the Publisher:

“Blending anecdotes with eye-opening research in leadership, linguistics, and social science, Permission to Speak shows you how to strike the right balance of strength and warmth to land your message; exactly what to do before a high-stakes scenario so that your voice, your mind, and your spirit are ready; and how to turn habits like vocal fry and upspeak into tools. Most important, you’ll discover your voice story: why you talk the way you do, what’s wonderful about it, and what you’ve outgrown… Fiery, fun, and truly profound, Permission to Speak is a personal and cultural reckoning with what speaking in public is and what it can be. This book meets the moment and offers this provocation: When we change what power sounds like, we change who has it.”

We were thrilled to find a book that is focused on this instrument that we have in our voice that is not written for a professional voice user. It’s written for all of us who  use our voice every day, with particular a focus on women and other underrepresented people.

Watch our whole discussion here:

Some highlights:

[1:50] Breath is the foundation of your speaking voice.

[3:09] The Size of your voice and, and controlling your voice.

[4:33] Warm vs. cold climates and how our voice is shaped by it.

[5:58] Your voice is a choice.

[7:49] The notion of “up speak.”

[10:35] Vowels and consonants.

[14:39] The permission to share personal stories.

[16:07] Trust and partnerships.

[18:54] When it’s OK to cry.

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