One Keynote, Five Parts.

Experience Columbus, our travel and tourism bureau, invited articulation to help curate their “keynote address” for their annual meeting.  These five dynamic people pictured above ended up being the participants in what became a ‘fam tour’ — five short stories that wove a larger story about how Columbus is a great destination for tourism and travel — told like they may share it with a reporter who was visiting Columbus.   Dare I say, we had a phenomenal experience working each story so that it was true to their own personal perspectives but working as a larger unit for the audience to follow and enjoy.

Many thanks to Christina Getachew, Kamal BoulousJoe SantryJeni Britton and Nannette Macijeunes for their fantastic cooperation and even more outstanding deliveries.  Some of you were hesitant, nervous and reluctant — but in the end, everyone really embraced the theater in the round, the teleprompters and headsets like it’s a part of your every day job.  Bravo!

Christina Getachew as seen on the projection screen at the Experience Columbus luncheon.