do tell virtually Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey

Meeting Social Emotional Needs in Remote School

When COVID 19 hit and students were sent home, elementary school teachers were among the most challenged to provide both learning and engagement to the youngest students. But more importantly, the transition to supporting their social emotional needs in an online teaching environment became a daily struggle.

In this episode of the Do Tell Virtually Podcast, we walk through the inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking stories of one teacher, Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey, who as a music, movement and theater teacher had to find extra creative ways to adjust her class content and deliveries when teaching online.

00:10 – The Intro: Michelle Schroeder-Lowrey

01:49 – Chapter 1: Moving from live to virtual

03:39 – Chapter 2: Digging deeper in social emotional needs

05:57 – Chapter 3: Help for parents struggling

07:14 – Chapter 4: Moment in COVID time that sticks with you?

09:57 – Chapter 5: Meeting students outside the class with Facetime

15:08 – The Wrap: What do you say to the teachers out there?

Listen here:

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