Live from TED2013: My inner geek had a blast.

At the InsideTED Session on Monday, six TEDx organizers (including myself, as you can see), were invited to share a few words about our TEDx experience.  The one thing I didn’t get to say about it is, I always have FUN.  I talked about how it inspired conversation, addressed a pent up curiosity in our city, motivated me to new heights and others to address new challenges.  But it is in the thoughtful pursuit of ideas, knowledge sharing and curosity seeking that just makes all of this TED stuff fun.

Monday was no exception: We had to work in tandem with each other in the rhythmic execution of our lines, have TED Curator Chris Anderson throw us some last-minute curveballs during rehearsal, and engage the crowd to what became the only standing Ovation of the session.  We were exhausted, we were proud, and since I’m a geek about these things, to me, it was a blast.

I ended my portion with a nod to my co-organizer, curator and confidant, Nancy Kramer, who was in the audience. I said we are looking forward to starting our planning for our FIFTH TEDxColumbus when we return next week from TED2013.  We are quietly proud of our longevity together, the growth of the event and what it has done to influence the cultural fabric of Columbus, a city we both love.   Here’s to TEDxColumbus 2013 on October 11!