Coach Your Internal Speakers to Crush Their Next Talks

Development events,  quarterly briefings, town halls, annual meetings, or investor days. If you’re a communication professional, chances are you’re charged with preparing the executives, researchers and scientists you work with for their moment in the spotlight– how can you make sure they deliver with impact?

Ruth Miligan has some tips to share with you in this new video from the Articulation treehouse.

  1. Develop a rehearsal schedule and stick to it. Make sure you absolutely have a rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals are your opportunity to work through any anxiety, messaging, timing, pacing and logistics. “I can’t tell you how many horrible rehearsals we’ve had and spectacular events just 12 hours later.”
  2. Use technology to your advantage. For the record, we recommend against teleprompters. Slides can prompt you through, but don’t rely on using the notes view on the confidence monitor. (No one wants to see the top of your head as you’re reading the notes.)
  3. Don’t underestimate the learning curve that might come with a brand-new speaker. It’s going to take time for you to figure out how that person’s voice works. And how they best like to deliver their talks.

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Ruth Milligan is the Founder, Managing Director and an Executive Coach and Trainer with Articulation. She is perhaps best known as one of the original curators for any TEDx event (the license program for TED). Since 2009, Ruth has selected and coached over 200 speakers who have taken the TEDxColumbus stage. She is often tapped as an expert in the TED-style of speaking and has authored a class on how to be a TEDx speaker coach. Connect with Ruth.