Building on Success- Looking toward 2018

What’s in store for 2018. (Alas, we are back on the blog after a little hiatus!)

Two minutes of updates about how we have improved our offerings and expanded our team to help your leaders continue to grow their influence and win ideas.

TRANSFORMING TALKS – to transform leaders and make leadership waves. Annual sales meetings, quarterly business briefings, leadership summits, major donor and development events — In 2017, we trained over 200 leaders to confidently tackle all of these opportunities with our Transforming Talks, our TED-Style talks offering. Thanks to the addition of more talent to our team (see below!), we can take on coaching up to 15 speakers at a time for any one event.

One Transforming Talks Reflection: Our favorite participant reflection came from a COO inside a Fortune Top 10 company, “This was a lot more than just giving a talk. This was about developing my leadership, too.” We couldn’t agree more. You can see the links to the public facing talks HERE ( .

TALENT DEVELOPMENT CLASSES – for continued growth and behavior change. We’ve improved our specific classes that address issues that matter most to current and prospective leaders. Each of the five classes below are either new or have new elements added.

Content Framing and Storytelling – our most popular offering ( that teaches how to translate complex ideas and data into compelling content, quickly – now has a required feedback session (and who doesn’t love insight-infused feedback?). Two weeks after we facilitate the class, participants engage in a facilitated peer to peer review which affirms they learned the method.

Executive Presence – We are now offering a condensed, half-day version in addition to the full-day experience. We still focus on the behaviors of the exceptional values-based executive who influences through his/her congruence of gravitas, communication and appearance. The participants will confirm their own values-based leadership style and incorporate behaviors that distinguish leaders with and without executive presence. Presentation Style and Delivery – (aka presentation skills) Continues to be fully experiential with audio and video recordings, but we’ve added a new suite of customized exercises in addition to an optional module on slide design.

(NEW) Master Class – Intensively experiential and highly effective, this class is designed specifically for executives in succession. The Master Class, which lasts 4-6 months, combines a Birkman ( evaluation, individual one-on-one coaching, Presentation Style and Delivery, Content Framing and Storytelling, and concludes with a capstone talk in the TED-style.

(NEW) Accessing your Science – This new two-hour class designed specifically for researchers, data analysts, and others who wish to share their complex intellectual property with lay audiences. If you want any additional information about these offerings, please feel free to reach out to me.

GROWING OUR TEAM – to meet your training & coaching needs. We’re excited to have Acacia Duncan on board as our third trainer and coach complement the hands-on work that Meagan Buren and I do for a variety of clients.  We are crossed-trained to deliver all of our classes and have niches for coaching engagements from big keynote talks, leadership interviews, confidence building and of course, presentation skills and public speaking.

Kim Goldsmith keeps us organized and your paperwork flowing, and you’ll get to know all of us well (or reignite our existing relationship) as we work to engage your leaders to find their voices, project confidence and wield greater influence in the year ahead. Be on the lookout as we share a variety of tips and experiences with you this year. They are curated specifically with you in mind, and we hope you enjoy them.

But for now, Happy New Year!