A talk for the ages.

In our classes, we often ask: Who gave the most important vision speech in U.S. history? Someone has always answered: MLK’s “I have a Dream.” (correct)
I would argue that no one will ever be close in the gravitas of his words, during that time, with that consequence, and with his delivery.
Listen carefully how she starts with a story. “In 1964, I was a little girl sitting on my mother’s linoleum floor…” She grips you squarely from the first words. And keeps you held tight with strong imagery, indisputable truth and flawless execution.
And she did it in under 10 minutes.
I would argue that she was not positioning herself for a political run, but doing what she does best. Paint a vision for a better, more just, fair and equal society. And it may be that vision that positions her for a run. Maybe a win. The power of story.