Melinda Church Do Tell Virtually

A Strategic Approach to Virtual Fundraising

Relationships are at the heart of the philanthropy. How can fundraisers grow and cultivate relationships, without seeing their donors in person? The whole process shifted with the arrival of COVID-19.

Melinda Church works with GGA as their lead on strategic communications, working with dozens of healthcare systems, universities, private K-12 schools and foundations, and others in the social sector. Her focus is largely in partnering to make the case for philanthropy through proposals, cases, pitches, decks, and events.

In this week’s episode of Do Tell Virtually, Melinda shares how the fund-raising world radically and suddenly changed in March, and how organizations can move their philanthropic efforts forward through disruption.

00:08: The Intro

03:47: How to cultivate major donors virtually

06:49: Finding out where they are today

07:57: What’s the prospect to building a relation with new donors

16:00: Making the ask

19:33: What happened before still happens

25:30: What comes next? What’s the new norm?

31:00: The Wrap

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