The apple doesn’t fall far.

As I was working on my goals for 2013, I got this email fromTodd Kleismit, Legislative Director at the Ohio Historical Society. He has been researching he esteemed Ohio Congressman William McCulloch, who, among other things, was instrumental in the civil rights movement.  He was a friend of my dad’s back in the 50s and 60s through politics –  so when Todd came across this letter that Dad wrote to one of his relatives he thought to share it.

It wasn’t a surprise to get the letter, my dad wrote letters and memos ALL the time.  And quite frankly, thinking about the work for which I am passionate, the main content of the letter wasn’t a surprise either.

Dad’s attention to the oratorial art is one I clearly inherited. As I go back and finish my goals for 2013, I’ll make sure to keep the “no ahs” at the top of the list as well.