Our First Quarter: An Enriching and Engaging One


One of our company values is transparency. We believe in it when working with clients, with speakers and when people give us feedback. We decided that it was time to be transparent in a “reporting” way about the work we’ve been doing. It’s in the spirit of if we don’t share it, you won’t know. We’ve had a strong start to the year and are excited to share this news with you.
– Your Articulation Team
WEXMED Live, WIA and More
In first quarter we traveled to Naples, Florida with The Wexner Medical Center of The Ohio State University to coach the 6th round of WEXMED Live talks. They can all be seen here, including talks from March including Dr. Subha Raman, Dr. Ian Valerio and Dr. Electra Paskett.
Our fifth coaching segment with United Health Care’s Community and State division’s quarterly meeting called PULSE focused on the Opiod Epidemic. This led us to kicking off a cohort with UHC’s senior leadership team for a pilot project with Transforming Talks.
In February we trained another round of 30 analytics leaders with MetLife at their Global Technology Campus in Raleigh (Cary), NC on content framing and storytelling. Their focus on helping their analytics leaders become effective communicators is significant; this is the third round of leaders we have trained in the last 6 months.
Our Open Class 2018 season began with Presentation Style and Delivery and then followed up with Executive Presence. This month we’ll offer the third class in the series: Content Framing with Storytelling. The classes will repeat again three more times throughout the year. Find the whole schedule here. 
Next week we’re finishing our second year of working with Johnson & Johnson for their global leaders summit coaching a variety of speakers. Not sure what time zone we coach in, but we think we’ve hit at least five of them working with Johnson & Johnson executives from Cape Town to Shangai to Argentina.
Over 100 researchers associated with OSU and Nationwide Children’s Hospital received our new popular class “Making Your science Accessible.” It’s a two-hour offering that unpacks the four most important tools to taking your science to lay audiences.
For second quarter, we’re kicking off our third year with the Infectious Disease Institute  at OSU for their Discovery Talks, as well as the Nationwide Children’s Hopsital Research Institute and their DiscoveryX talks (see accompanying story below about Tamekia!), as well as our second year with TEDxChicago and Ecolab.
We welcomed Sangamo Therapeutics, and Astellas continues to use us to support when speakers who are patients, often survivors of difficult medical challenges, need and want to share their stories.
We volunteered our time to coach speakers for the first annual Women in Analytics conference, which took place here in Columbus. We think it’s the first conference of its kind, and it was SOLD OUT.
We’ve had a dozen individual coaching clients ranging from a CEO in training to a recent college grad. The range continues to delight us. Each person comes with a different challenge, and fortunately, we’ve worked diligently to shore up our coaching program to meet each client where they are. Our focus is on executive communication, but includes presence, specific public speaking challenges, storytelling and overall influence.
We’ll be taking Content Framing and Storytelling to the IT leadership of Cardinal Health in the near future, as well as the leadership cohort at Express. And we’ll be working with the Columbus Collboatory on refining their story for key presentations, as well.
We are proud of signing a new deal with Ford to bring speaker coaching to 22 executives preparing for their Global Data and Analytics conference.
Thanks to all our clients for letting us be a part of these diverse and exciting events, and helping them transform their presentations from ordinary to extraordinary. We look forward to sharing more with you in Q2.