Do Tell Virtually Podcast Julia Guichard

Your Voice – It’s More Than Just the Sound of It

On this episode of Do Tell Virtually, Acacia Duncan talks with Julia Guichard, a voice coach and instructor, who is also the a Chair and Chief Departmental Officer for the Miami University Theatre Department, about how to get the best out of your voice.

00:09 – Chapter 1: The Intro: Julia Guichard

04:17 – Chapter 2: Habits that aren’t helping your voice

08:10 – Chapter 3: Creating good habits to help your voice

13:44 – Chapter 4: Exercises for relaxing your voice

18:55 – Chapter 5: Creating a routine for your voice

23:13 – Chapter 6: Now you want to communicate, where to put yourself

27:51 – Chapter 7: The Wrap: three take-a-ways

Listen here:

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