Introducing: New Team Development Modules

Last year we got this question frequently:

Our team is now virtual but when we come together for gatherings (monthly or quarterly), what development or training can you bring us in small digestible chunks?

We found that Articulation’s core trainings – which are half and full day sessions – didn’t quite fit. But we did realize we had “adjacent” skill building experiences to offer. We are pleased to introduce five, new team development modules.

They are:

  • Psychological Safety
  • Building the Self-Aware Team
  • Executive Presence
  • Listening
  • Mindset

If you’re a leader of a virtual or hybrid team, our team development modules are ideal activities for your next full- or half-day team meeting or retreat. The learnings we share are bite-sized, delivered in one- or two-hour workshops, and designed to engage teams that may be spending too much time working alone. They help make those rare moments of togetherness more meaningful and productive.

Get the details on the modules in the video from Ruth Milligan below, or click here for the full program description!