Executive Communication Coaching Program 

Developed to meet the needs of senior-level and C-suite executives, our Executive Communication Coaching Program provides a structured, but adaptable process featuring six one-on-one coaching sessions conducted over a three-month period. Designed to work progressively, these sessions can help you increase your influence, persuasion, and overall communication effectiveness as an executive. The program has proven to be especially well suited to the needs of subject matter experts who have been promoted to leadership roles. Each session’s objectives and goals are outlined below.

You will meet with your coach to capture pertinent details on your professional and personal history, and to identify any “triggers” that influence how your current behavior affects — positively or negatively — your power to communicate and lead. 

After session 1, you will receive a survey for you to complete called the Birkman®. If you have already completed one, we will ask to see some specific reports from your account.

You and your coach review the Birkman results. This gives us a guide on how you prefer to interact with people, what needs are important to be met when in group settings, and how you tend to influence others. We will narrow down to a minimum of 3 key behaviors for you to focus on. 

Focused on “Style and Delivery,” this session employs both audio and video feedback to establish a baseline of your verbal, non-verbal and vocal behaviors. We will address any stress responses, listening patterns and presence markers as well.

A break from the 1:1 interactions, this session allows your coach observe you in action in a work setting. If this isn’t possible, you need to have a recording ready to share and review together. Time is allotted to work on upcoming interactions, meetings, or engagements that you want to focus on through additional planning or practice time.

In this session devoted to Message and Storytelling, your coach will take you through our Message Method architecture for building a content hierarchy. You will also take a deep dive into when, why and how a story can drive insights, recommendations and impact your influence. You will need to share a pending presentation that can serve as an example how Message Method works, especially in helping you be concise when presenting.

Rounding out the program, this last session covers a review the “Message Triangle” and how to stay inside a complex or contentious message when on the hot seat. You will also have time to continue work on a pending presentation.

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