Ruth Milligan

Founder, Managing Partner & Executive Coach

As an executive speech coach and trainer, I live at the intersection where professionals from science, research, medicine, and data and analytics come to make their messages more engaging, compelling, and impactful. Helping leaders from these diverse fields meet their goals marks the culmination of my nearly 30 years practicing some form of communications.

I founded Articulation in early 2010 after hosting one of the first TEDx events — TEDxColumbus — which is also one of the longest-running TEDx programs in the world. Since then my team and I have coached over 750 people in TEDx or TED-style talks and trained thousands through my company’s classes on message method, storytelling, public speaking, executive presence and accessing science.

My professional passion is to help organizations of all sizes create storytelling cultures that elevate the opportunities for associates and executives to practice and deliver great presentations. I believe that a great talk can come from a nervous, reluctant or beginning speaker, given the right feedback and development environment.

After ten years of curating, organizing and hosting TEDx events, I’ve also become a seasoned host, emcee and consultant to a wide range of events — everything from major donor events at universities to pitch events inside data and analytics teams. When my team and I are engaged to help with speakers, we also advocate for the best conditions that help make a speaker, and in turn, an event, successful.

I began my career as a speechwriter in politics after receiving a degree in Speech Communication from Miami University. I enjoyed a few years as a major gifts officer at United Way, learning how communication influences development and fundraising, but then returned to my roots to help launch a PR practice within a larger marketing agency. When that agency closed in 2001, I began my own marketing and communications practice, Milligan Communications, which I ran until 2009 before pivoting into a deep focus on training and coaching with my many clients at Articulation.

My current client list includes but is not limited to Ford, UnitedHealthCare, Nationwide, Alliance Data, Huntington, DSW, Chemical Abstracts, White Castle, Ohio State University, and several health care systems. I spend the majority of my time coaching executives one-on-one  and facilitating training for small groups.

I’m a passionate supporter of causes that elevate women and girls. For two years I served as  chapter chair for the Women President’s Organization Columbus Chapter and as a core team member of the Women in Analytics conference. Articulation’s philanthropy is devoted exclusively to helping women and girls elevate their voices and stories. I’ve also served on the board of the YWCA and the Girls Scouts of Central Ohio (Heartland). Closer to my own home, I’m personally involved in bringing a community pool back to my neighborhood of Clintonville, where I live with my husband and my two expectedly busy teenagers.

Email me here,, or call me at 614-348-0760.

Ruth Milligan Articulation


Born in Columbus, Ohio

Graduated from Miami University

Favorite Talks: Hard to choose among! But these are standouts:
TED Talks: Bryan Stevenson, Brene Brown, James Veitch
TEDxColumbus: Joe DeLoss, Casey Brown, James White, Theresa Flores
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Podcasts or Netflix: Podcasts
Cook or Carryout: Cook
Favorite Superhero: My dad
Real Book or Kindle: The holdable sort. I love the smell and touch and connectedness of real books!