Message Method

Message Method can teach anyone to quickly translate complex ideas and data into compelling content and communicate solutions with confidence and clarity to win support. This method can be applied to written or verbal communication. 

Our Message Method class will help you take the guesswork out of wrestling through content to determine what to share with an audience. With that in hand, you will be guided through a process of understanding your audience, the context, and your big idea, and then teach you how to build a case for support with data, stories, and feedback.

  • How to create the highest value messages for your audience
  • How to increase efficiency in fact and story gathering
  • How to eliminate unnecessary work and redundancy
  • Building a common platform on which your team(s) can organize key communications
  • Building confidence in how to “correct” a runaway message
  • Understand when to use stories and how they connect to a larger message

  • Message Method Basics — 4 hour in person
  • Message Method Plus — 6 hour in person, includes module on Influential Storytelling 
  • Both Message Method Basics and Plus classes include a 1-2 hour small group review session where participants bring a written application of the method learned for review with a coach and peers.

  • Half-Day Executive Presence Class
  • Half-Day Executive Presentation Style & Delivery Class
  • Half-Day Influential Storytelling Class (For those who select Message Method Basics)