Team Development Modules

Acacia Duncan introduces our five facilitated modules for team development

It’s time to bring the team together! Articulation has five facilitated modules designed for in-person team gatherings that assist with making these moments meaningful and productive. 

Our team building modules are ideal activities for your next full- or half-day team retreat or gathering. These highly interactive learnings are bite-sized—delivered in one- or two-hour workshop sessions—are designed to engage and energized your team.

Get the details on our five modules below.

Psychological Safety: Behaviors to Practice for a Healthy Workplace

What happens when you don’t feel good at  work? It’s that time when you didn’t feel safe to speak up. Or you didn’t feel like you could admit a mistake. Or ask for help. 

We never want to be ignorant or incompetent, but that’s not being human. Somedays, it’s necessary to be vulnerable. But when your environment doesn’t allow for this, what to do?

This module works with your team to move from the Anxiety Zone to the Learning Zone, building team effectiveness and psychological safety. Central to this is the awareness of “overused strengths” that can become detrimental.

Let us help your team to stop managing optics in order to focus on common goals and better contribute to positive outcomes.

This module is 2 hours.

Building the Self-Aware Team: What Not Why

Simon Sinek says start with “why?” We beg to differ.

Occasionally introspection, particularly questions like “why did I do that?” or “why did that happen?” can be unproductive and keep us focused on the past. To connect with our team and build more effective relationships, we need to reconsider the questions we’re asking ourselves and others. In this workshop, learn how to change the questions your team is asking to establish better relationships, be better communicators, and perform better collectively. We guide your team to ask the questions that shape the future by seeing themselves and their teammates clearly.

This module is based in the work of noted performance and behavior researchers like Tasha Eurich, Chris Voss, and Angus Fletcher, and our extensive work within the Birkman assessment, guiding us to the most effective tools for team self-awareness and bonding.

This module is 2 hours.

Executive Presence: How to Keep It Relevant in a Hybrid World

For almost 3 years, we’ve been in casual mode, wearing sweats, working remotely, and now we have to show up for a board meeting, pitch or team meeting. We’d like to remind you that Executive Presence can still have an impact on how you’re  perceived, how your ideas are heard, and how able you are to influence – both on screen and in person.

In this mini-module, we’ll cover the elements of presence, focusing on gravitas, to help you develop your influence as a leader. This is  an opportunity to reinforce the behaviors that will transform your presence in this new hybrid world.

This module is 1 hour.

Listening: A Skill Your Team is Depending On

Can you tell if your team is really listening? If not, you may face adverse consequences. Sometimes it’s a matter of missing the details of a meeting. Or it might be the difference between landing a huge contract and not, because you didn’t hear the client’s unique requests in order to adjust your approach. We need to get better at listening.

This module is designed to thwart that from happening to your team. In little and big ways, true listening is hard. We can help improve their ability to listen consciously, while unlocking deeper understanding and decision-making powers.

Supercharge your team’s capacity to connect more deeply, understand more broadly, and build better relationships.

This module is 1 hour.

Mindset: Isolation into Collaboration

Your associates are likely decentralized in the new workplace model. Interactions with people can be more challenging as they move in and out of isolation. As a result, mindsets can narrow and collaborations can feel unproductive.

In this course, learn the benefits of the scout mindset, or “looking for the unusual.” We will help you uncover it in your team to make collaboration not just possible, but exceptional, even when you are still in a decentralized working environment.

This module is 2 hours.

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Articulation and Acacia were absolutely wonderful! Their mindset training was exactly what my leadership team needed. She was affable, passionate and committed to ensuring that we understood how to effectively structure and tell our respective stories. The material was incredibly well received by my team. Her shared pearls of wisdom resonated and I am certain my team will begin using their newly developed skills in a meaningful way. 

Erica Schwartz MD, President of Insurance Solutions at United Healthcare