Hot Seat Training

News broadcasts, social media, public hearings, pitch competitions. There are more ways than ever to deliver information and a message to the world. This affords great opportunity and perhaps greater perils. Anyone whose position puts them before a microphone or camera to present, discuss or defend their organizations is at risk of success or failure or somewhere in between. It’s why this class was developed and why so many can benefit from what it offers.

Learning Objectives
  • Stick to your message, intent and desired outcome
  • Present and defend during RFP “orals,” new business pitches and regulatory interviews
  • Prepare for and deliver public testimony
  • Address analysts’ questions during business performance calls
  • Defend a business decision, contract or management change
  • Handle and deflect gotcha moments

In all these situations, you have a message. What you need is help delivering it without wandering into uncharted territory, muddying your response with doubt, inviting criticism or responding to off-topic questions.

  • Half-Day, in-person
  • Message Method Class
  • Half-Day Executive Presence Class
  • Half-Day Presentation Style & Delivery Class
  • 2-hour, virtual Influential Storytelling Class