Transforming Talks Program

Few of us are natural born storytellers. And even fewer of us are ready to tell our story on a TED stage — or any stage that puts us on the spot. And that’s ok, because anyone can develop, sharpen, and grow their storytelling skills through our Transforming Talks Program.

Designed to coach speakers for specific events, it spans 8-weeks and consists of three coaching sessions, with specific assignments after each session, some asynchronous learnings, on-their-own practice and voice recordings, before a content review session to go over a completed talk and visuals. It offers a lot, but demands commitment from the participants. 

Whether you need to give a talk or curate a program of topics and speakers for a specific meeting, event, or conference, this program is for you. Each participant will begin with an idea, message or desired outcome of their talk. From there they will learn how to build an outline, incorporate storytelling techniques, select visuals, and obtain coaching feedback on content, style, and delivery.

At its core, our Transforming Talks Program:

  • TEACHES a compelling way to present information by harnessing the power of storytelling.
  • HUMANIZES by making the experts vulnerable and their stories personal.
  • SIMPLIFIES complex subject matter to one central idea, leading to greater understanding.
  • COMPELS audiences with a reason to care, learn and also take action.
  • TRANSFORMS people, perceptions and internal cultures, as well as how to communicate better going forward. It has the ability to renew greater appreciation and momentum for your organization’s purpose.


Dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals from business, healthcare, education, research, science, data and analytics have enrolled and benefited from our Transforming Talks Program. Program participants include both event organizers and speakers preparing for a variety of conferences, ceremonies, and meetings, including:

  • Ford Global Data & AnalyticsGDIA Summit
  • Women in AnalyticsAnnual Conference
  • The Ohio State University Development Department
  • OSU Wexner Medical Center Development DepartmentWexMedLive Events
  • The Ohio State University Office of Research / Tech CommercializationInnovator Awards Ceremony
  • Star Trek Conference
  • DSW and Designer BrandsLeadership Conference
  • Net JetsLeadership Conference
  • UVAHealthDevelopment Campaign Kickoff Event
  • Alliance DataAnalytics Summit
  • Nationwide Children’s HospitalDiscoveryX
  • Nationwide Children’s HospitalResearch Retreat
  • UnitedHealthCareQuarterly Leadership “Pulse” Town Halls
  • posit::conf()
  • American Academy of Nursing

I just wanted to say a big THANKS for helping our speakers get better at giving presentations. posit::conf() wouldn’t be nearly as good without your involvement and I look forward to working with y’all again next year! 

Hadley Wickham, Chief Scientist, posit