Executive Presence 

It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see it. It seems to come naturally to some — those people with charisma, influence and that special “it factor.” We call it executive presence — and the good news is, you can learn to develop it. 

Whether you’re an emerging executive, rising leader, or taking on a  new leadership role, this class will take you to the next level of professional influence. By giving you strategies and techniques to anchor your gravitas, you can enhance your ability to communicate confidently. In this class, you also will confirm your values-based leadership style and adopt behaviors that distinguish you as a leader with presence.

Executive Presence is designed for anyone who needs to build better skills to command attention, evoke confidence, influence people and transform outcomes.

Learning Objectives
  • Confirm your values-based leadership style
  • Know what behaviors distinguish you as a leader
  • Create an awareness of your primary stress response and its impact on presence
  • Build understanding of the impact of specific communication skills
  • Identify appearance characteristics that create barriers for influencing others
  • Understand when to use stories and how they connect to an audience
  • Half-Day, in-person
  • Message Method Class  
  • 2-hour virtual Influential Storytelling Class
  • Half-Day Presentation Style & Delivery Class