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We've been watching people make the same mistakes over and over. It was time to have a little fun with them.

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This is One Time to Think Small

Your talk is only as good as someone’s ability to receive and understand it. When choosing words for your presentation, think small.
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Death by Bullet Point: Talk Like Someone's Listening

[Video] Death by Bullet Point

More is NOT always better. For years (and years, and years) one of the most common complaints about presentations has been bullet-ridden and text heavy slides. You’d think by now speakers would know to avoid this presentation faux pas. Yet we still see slides that rival War and Peace. The victims of this death by...
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That's all the time we have

That’s all the time we have.

If audiences want short talks, why is it still so hard for speakers to oblige them? Here are three strategies we use when helping speakers to be more (much much more) concise.
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Our origin.

(How we got this idea. Pun intended).

In 2009 after Ruth Milligan founded the first TEDxColumbus, she went looking for someone who could help coach her next round of speakers in content framing and storytelling. When she came up dry, she founded Articulation. 

TEDxColumbus continues to this day to have an integrated tie with Articulation, we consider it our service to our community and our learning laboratory for new ways to help people become more impactful speakers. 

Since 2009, we have coached over 400 speakers in the TED-style, both on stages with official TEDx licenses and private-label events we organize for our clients. 

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