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We've been watching people make the same mistakes over and over. It was time to have a little fun with them.

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[Video] The Joke Will Be On You

Use too much humor in your speech? The joke will be on you. Watch the latest episode of Talk Like Someone's Listening to learn how to engage your audience without losing credibility.
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Get Better Results When You Use These Tips for Speaker Feedback

Provide more value to speakers when you deliver actionable feedback using these four tips from Coach Acacia Duncan.
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A Standout Second Quarter

It’s safe to conclude that when a client “wins,” we win too. In the spirit of transparency, let’s look at where those win were for second quarter. And a few near losses, too. ECOLAB – Last December, Ecolab, a St. Paul, based international company that focuses on supporting the energy and hospitality sectors, launched a...
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Our origin.

(How we got this idea. Pun intended).

In 2009 after Ruth Milligan founded the first TEDxColumbus, she went looking for someone who could help coach her next round of speakers in content framing and storytelling. When she came up dry, she founded Articulation. 

TEDxColumbus continues to this day to have an integrated tie with Articulation, we consider it our service to our community and our learning laboratory for new ways to help people become more impactful speakers. 

Since 2009, we have coached over 400 speakers in the TED-style, both on stages with official TEDx licenses and private-label events we organize for our clients. 

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