Services Overview

All of our offerings are focused on one thing: changing behavior for the greatest communication impact.

TED-Style Coaching : Transforming Talks

Our most popular offering

We provide 1:1 coaching for TEDx and TED-Style event talks which assists in transforming both organizations and individuals in delivering ideas for the greatest impact. No one walks away the same presenter after finishing this highly personalized program. 

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Executive Presentation Skills

How to stand and deliver a message with poise

For those who a desire to become more effective in any presentation situation from small group to large conference through better style, delivery and audience engagement. This class is only offered in groups of 4-6 and involves audio and video feedback and situational practices. 

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Content Framing and Storytelling

How to organize large quantities of data and use story.

From data analysts, medical researchers and accountants to marketers and IT officials, this class provides the critical foundation to how to organize your content, data, story and thinking before you begin to write or deliver any communications.

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Executive Presence

How to be a leader people will follow

For executives and mid-level managers, this class unpacks what it takes to have the presence of a leader and gives you the tools to improve your own presence.


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Executive Communication Coaching

How to create long term communication change

For the leader or future leader who wants to create a custom program to elevate their own communication skills. From storytelling, to style and delivery, to confidence, this coaching is nimble and keeps the client at the center of the learning. For maximizing long term behavior change of an individual.

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Accessing your Research and Science

This two-hour introductory class is designed specifically for researchers, scientists, data analysts and others who wish to share their complex intellectual property with lay audiences. 

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Event Curation Consulting

How to curate a great speaker event

For those who are putting on an event and want to make sure that the speakers they select will have maximum impact for the audience. 

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Building Confidence in your Message

This three-hour class teaches you how to stay inside your message during critical leadership reviews, regulatory interviews, public hearings and new business pitches. 


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Design your own

Upon request

Know that you need help in the area of executive communication but don’t see an offering that fits your needs? We’re happy to work closely with your team to design a custom workshop.

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