Meagan Buren

Executive Speech Coach and Trainer

I joined Articulation as an Executive Speech Coach and Trainer in 2014. In my current role, I deliver training for both group classes and individual coaching sessions for executives, specializing in complex content structure and story.

Upon earning my Master’s in Communications, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University, I immersed myself in high-stakes communication challenges in our nation’s capital, where I spent nearly a decade leading communication campaigns and public opinion research. My work has taken me around the globe to help corporate, non-profit and political clients to understand the mindset of their target audience, define their message and refine their delivery.

Over the years, I’ve helped forge messaging strategies for Fortune 100 companies and have worked as a speech coach and media trainer for ambassadors, politicians and business and community leaders. I realized long ago that knowing what to say is only half the battle: It’s what people hear that matters most. I work to ensure that executives, professionals and media messengers also have the tools they need to effectively communicate with a range of audiences.

I live in Columbus with my husband and three children.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio

Graduated from The Ohio State University and Georgetown University

Favorite Talks: TED Talk by Casey Brown and Liv Gjestvang

Cats or Dogs: Dogs (a trick question since there’s only one correct answer)

Podcasts or Netflix: Netflix

Cook or Carryout: Cook

Favorite Superhero: She-Ra Princess of Power

Real Book or Kindle: Book. Real book is really redundant. Just saying.